NKN Security & Employees Service Ltd. was established in the year of 2004. It is a outsourcing company engaged in Security Service, Cleaning Service and all types of Employee Service.We provide our services to different national & multinational companies, banks and organizations all over Bangladesh.

Our greatest assets are our employees. With efficient operational roles varying from Security Guard,Driver, Gardener, Tea Boy, Messenger, Cleaner and other service employees, all these roles offer excellent long-term prospects in a friendly and professional environment.

Our Services

Security Services : As a professional security services company, NKN offers a wide range of services to cater to the need of the market by providing the most cost effective and quality security for all types of premises from large multinational & national companies to individual house hold, covering virtually every security products or services available in the market.

Cleaning Services : We provide Cleaners and required all Cleaning Materials (Chemical,Equipment, Machine etc). Some of our clients are taking only Cleaners and some of them are taking both of cleaner and cleaning materials.

Employee Services : NKN Security & Employee Service Ltd. provides Tea Boy, Messenger, Office Attendant, Cook, Driver, Fork Lift Operator, Electrician, Gardener, Receptionist, Clerk, Computer Operator etc. We are able to provide any type of employees on Contractual/ Third Party basis.

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